Aaron Bean

Where are you from?

Born in Hinsdale (west burbs) then grew up in Richmond VA


What brought you to Chicago?

I wanted to pursue a career in film, so I attended a university on the west side to build a network of creatives. Doing that I could make my way into the film business or whatever business may come out of it.


What do you find challenging about living here?

Staying on top of work while still having a social life. Paying bills out here as a post college student is hard. I know everyone is doing it but it’s still hard.


Why do you love it?

The GOGOGO mentality that everyone has. We are all trying to change the world in our own little (hopefully positive) ways. It motivates me to become the best of the best.


Why do you stay?

Chicago is the 2nd largest wedding market in the US. Being a wedding Photographer/Cinematographer that just means I can find work no matter what. I love the people, the food, the coffee shops, the church communities, the public transit, the skyline JUST SO MUCH.


How has community affected your time here?

Community IS my time. All I do is focus on building relationships with people. Community is how I run my business. Without community I wouldn’t want to live in Chicago.


Can you speak into the creativity found in the Chicago community? How does it inspire you?

The creative community in Chicago is like nothing i’ve ever seen. Everyone here is for each other. Creative businesses don’t seem to have competition. It all feels like we are for each other and willing to help each other grow. There is also so much talent in Chicago and that passes through, the creativity keeps growing.


When do you feel most empowered and comfortable in your own skin?

I feel the most in my skin at church, playing music or at an event taking photos. Using the gifts God has given me is so satisfying. It’s the best way I can glorify him.


Has living in the city affected your style and the way you approach what you purchase / invest in. If so, how?

The city has changed almost every aspect of purchasing.


How has Chicago affected your worldview, if at all?

I have become more loving, more open minded to other cultures and lifestyles.


Do you have an experience or a specific encounter here that has moved you/stayed with you that you'd be up for sharing?

Honestly a bad break up. We dated for 2 years and split around 7 months ago. It really made me realize that no matter how much you love someone, sometimes it doesn’t work out.