James Purrazzo


Where are you from?

I am from Chicago. This is my home. I grew up watching planes land at Midway Airport from my Nana’s backyard in the West Lawn neighborhood and it left an impression on me. The movement of the city fascinated me. It makes you feel alive; a part of something bigger than yourself.

Even in the fragile mix of safety and tragedy we see daily, we are part of something that is a tangible example of the plight of Man.  But yet it is beautiful. There is constant victory amidst tragedy in the city that shows resurrection work on display. My wife and I have chosen for this to be our home to be a part of and watch firsthand the resurrection work that God interweaves into our humanity.

When do you feel most comfortable in your skin?

I feel most comfortable in my own skin amidst anyone that’s ok with someone who only wears plain white or black tees and blue jeans, and is a talkative extrovert, and, yeah, living in the city has really influenced my style. I love art and Tattoos and tattoo culture out here is incredible.

I’m fascinated with tattooing and tattoo history, particularly traditional tattooing. Tattooing is such a cool form of artistic expression, I fell right into it. A friend of mine, actually, bought me a tattoo so we could both get the same one. It was a really thoughtful gift since it was part of my discipleship story, and since has been a huge witnessing tool for the Lord. From there forward I was hooked. Each one has a story, or if it doesn’t, it’s just a design you love. Plus my wife, who is a huge babe, is covered with tattoos too. We both have themed tattoos. Our friends call us Popeye and Olive Oyl for obvious reasons. I have a gypsy Olive Oyl and she has a really cool Popeye tattoo.